Email Consolidation

Email Consolidation Instructions

To view a video of how to use this feature please click here.

1. In your SelectEmail Account, select the Settings tab.


2. Under the Local Settings Menu on the left, select Consolidation.


3. Click on Consolidator Accounts.




4. Click the Consolidate a new account button.




5. In the Type of Account field, select POP3.


6. In the Account Username field, enter the email address of the account you are consolidating (e.g.


7. In the Account Password field, enter the password for the email address of the account you are consolidating.


8. In the Delete mail after retrieving field, check the box.


9. In the Test Mail account server before completing field, check the box.


10. Click the Consolidate Account button.




11. Complete the POP3 Hostname or IP Address field, the P0P3 Port field and the Secure (SSL) Connection field according to the specifications of the email address account you’re consolidating as provided in the table below.


Provider POP3 Hostname POP3 Port Secure (SSL) Connection
AIM 110 NO
AOL 110 NO
Gmail 995 Yes
Live 995 Yes
Yahoo* 995 Yes

12. Click the Consolidate Account button.


13. Select Email will begin consolidating this email account soon. It may take up to 15 minutes for your new mail account to be recognized by the internal systems and begin downloading your email. Please know that the more you use your Select Email account, either through the web or through your email client, the more often Select Email will consolidate your email.

*Yahoo Email Accounts Require Yahoo! Mail Plus a paid service fee $19.99


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